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Figures re-appear!

About 15 hours in
Figures re-appear
At this point I've restated the figures. To get the stance of the Flight Dec Officer correct I put on my waterproof walking jacket and gardening gloves and had my wife take some photos. I also photographed my little 1/72 scale Gannet model as it sat one of our baking trays that I had sprayed with water. This, to give me some idea of how the a/c reflection might appear on a wet flight deck.
I also lay in the roundels and underwing markings. These would cause me no end of trouble over the coming days. Perspective is bad enough but on a curved surface!!
The colours used are much the same Ultramarine blue and cadmium red, yellow ochre and of course, white.
I left this for a couple of days because I wasn't sure about the positioning of the figures and their relationship with the a/c.