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Numbers and such
This close up shows work underway to correct errors in the registration number under the starboard wing. I'm also working on the external tank which somewhere along the line lost the correct drawing. I also saw a minor error on the cable cover under the pilot's arm. The letters and numbers gave me a deal of trouble. Other painters probably sail through these difficulties but I confess they stumped me for a while. In the end I resolved the problem by drawing the numbers under the wing of my little 1/72 model and finding a photo of the AEW3 at Gatwick. It was at almost the same angle as my painting. So a lot of intense looking, cussing and endless cups of tea later it came right!! Once this was sorted I began to strengthen the reflection of the radome, using a little cadmium yellow mixed with yellow ochre. Next came the deck lines which I have deliberately knocked back so that they do not divide the painting. What remains now is to work a little more on the figures and begin laying in the washes for the flight deck.