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Finished at last!

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At last here's the finished article. My wife and friends have forbidden me to mention the word GANNET ever again.
The final work is in strengthening the figures and placing a series of washes and lines imitating wind blown rain over the deck. I keep the figures to the rear of the a/c deliberately vague since they are there only to serve as a stop for the eye. The other deck hand and the FDO get some finishing touches as well as the prop wash.
As usual the end comes quiet quickly and I'm left wondering if I have really done all I can to do justice to the Gannet and my original idea. Resisting the urge to "fiddle" is a large part of being a competent artist. I'm content that I've cracked it - for this one at least. However I do have another idea for another Gannet painting for next year's Guild Exhibition or maybe even the RSMA. Don't tell my wife though. Hope you have enjoyed reading through this. Happy to answer any questions you might have.