What I do
I created this area to describe the work I enjoy and how I go about it. My first shot at this was trying to illustrate the process of making an aviation painting destined to be submitted to the Guild of Aviation Artists Summer 2012 exhibition. I now include a similar "day by day" account of the creation of a wildlife painting. So instead of propellers and people the problem now is fur and rocks!

I've had a couple of cracks at wildlife before as you have seen on this site and at www.painters-online.co.uk where I have posted similar images. This time I was inspired to try the Leopard after attending a workshop given by Chris Jones at the Nature in Art Museum in Gloucester. Chris is an internationally known artist and a very good teacher. Although the course was "Painting fur and feathers in acrylics", I've taken some of his advice and used it to provide a framework for this oil painting.

Washes and bending the tail!

Building up the contrasts
Bringing in the light
I juggle a little more with the upper portion of the painting but still haven't committed myself to any definite course of action here. More Sienna in the mix and much less Ultramarine. I finally get round to bending the tail and sketch in its position over the back feet.
I use neat Yellow Ochre to indicate the fall of light towards the front legs and head of the leopard. I also put a series of washes over the whole body and add a sienna wash around the head to begin to work out where light and shadows fall.