What I do

Now for the Oils!

Detailed work on the leopard begins
Refining the detail on the Head and body
Finally, I can throw out the water and put away the acrylic brushes and paints. For those of you who maybe new to this painting game, you should be aware that you can paint oils over acrylic but never the other way round.
I'm working with a smaller brushes now. Still synthetic but down to numbers 5 to 8 watercolour style brushes. These I use to begin refining the head and restate some of the markings. The colours are richer than I want the end product to be. They give me a key to work against and stop be trying to fiddle with detail too soon. I also extend the floor of the cave warm it up with more yellow ochre mixed with a small amount of sienna and bring some shadow into the right hand side of the floor. I add more leaves into the picture from the bottom left.
For the head I'm using a mix of varying quantities of Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre and White. I add a little more oil medium to the mix and glaze the hind quarters because I know I'm going to take this area into the background I won't want too much detail here. I give the tail a wash of Ultra Blue heavily diluted with Titanium white.