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Final Leopard
Whiskers and all!
7 days into the project (not counting drying days) and the Leopard is finished. On this last day I have finished off the tail and added the whiskers. Not too much detail on these, again you're viewing the cat from a fair distance. I'm not completely convinced I have them right but I'll leave it for a week or so and look again. It won't be so difficult to scrape them away and adjust if necessary. This last day has been spent on more glazing of the haunch and back legs and feet. Adding highlights to the tail and feet, some adjustments to the lighting on the front paws and left leg and the area under the head. I haven't used thick paint anywhere and so this painting should be fully dry and ready for varnishing in about a month to 6 weeks. In the meantime because the glazes are still tacky I'll turn it's face to the wall to prevent dust settling on the surface and to give me chance to forget about it until varnishing day. What's the betting I'll decide to change something!! I hope this has been of some use to you and would be delighted to hear any comments you might have. Next is a Siberian tiger!